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Discovery of a Novel Oral Antithrombotic Drug Apixaban

Disclosure of a Novel Oral Antithrombotic Drug Apixaban Shuangyu Ma Foundation Apoplexy, which is commonly characterized as the arrangement of blood clump inside veins, is a significant medical problem in western world. Apoplexy related sickness, for example, ischemic stroke and hypertension, stay to be the main sources of bleakness and mortality every year in created nations [1]. To compound the situation, apoplexy is otherwise called a ceaseless illness with long winded repeat [2]. Agreeing the American Heart Association, 30% of the patients determined to have venous thromboembolism create repeat inside the following 10 years [2]. The harmony between apoplexy development and draining is wisely controlled by the blood coagulation course, one of the most fragile frameworks in human body (figure 1, [3]). The sign transmission and intensification along the course was led by a progression of trypsin-like serine proteases with high explicitness, regularly alluded as zymogens [4]. The zymogens are divided by the past coagulation factor to become initiated proteases, which can in this way cut the following zymogen along the course and accomplish the sign intensification. Blood coagulation procedure can be activated by inborn pathway or outward pathway; both are trailed by the actuation of regular pathway. The prothrombin is then separated by enacted factor X to create thrombin, in the long run lead to the arrangement of stable fibrin cluster. Fig 1. Blood coagulation course: (figure extricated from Hematology (second release) by C. J. Pallister and M. S. Watson [4]) As of not long ago, the most notable oral anticoagulant is warfarin, which is the current standard treatment for facility apoplexy treatment and counteraction. In spite of its generally application, warfarin has a gigantic disadvantage on its dosing issue. A significant number of the coagulation factors, including factors II, VII, IX and X are Vitamin K subordinate; the ÃŽ ³-carboxylation by Vitamin K is basic for their natural action. Focusing on nutrient K transformation cycle, warfarin creates an anticoagulation impact by decreasing exercises of the four nutrient K-subordinate coagulation factors. Be that as it may, the reactions to warfarin can be meddled significantly by hereditary and condition factors, for example, the normal transformation on cytochrome P450 encoding quality, ailment states variety, medicate tranquilize association or even eating routine change [5]. Subsequently, warfarin rewarded patients need blood test routinely (frequently once every week or far and away more terrible) to decide a sheltered dose one case at a time case. Regardless of taking care of with incredible wary, the anticoagulant-related intracerebral drain continues expanding [2]. Subsequently, numerous endeavors have been put on building up a novel antithrombotic medicate with okay and high power. From lead to sedate: the improvement of apixaban The medication Apixaban, affirmed by FDA in 2012 for thromboembolism treatment and counteraction, is created by Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb to fill in as an upgraded chance advantage oral anticoagulant. The component of apixaban is completely extraordinary with warfarin it explicitly focuses on actuated coagulation factor ten (FXa), as opposed to nutrient K. A few clinical preliminary has demonstrated its higher viability contrasted with asparin and lower hazard contrasted with warfarin treatment [6]. Given the focal situation in the blood coagulation course, FXa advanced as an appealing medication focus for creating anticoagulants. The DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company previously propelled a high throughput screening on FXa inhibitor in 1997 [7]. In light of the substrate comparability among FXa and the GPIIb/IIa receptor, they screened the compound library which was initially intended to be GPIIb/IIa receptor opponent. A hit was found with low micromolar FXa partiality (coumpound 1, Ki= 38.5 ÃŽ ¼M). In any case, the greater part of the revealed FXa inhibitor in writing around then gang the bisamindinoaryl structure, for example, 2 and 3 (figure 2a). Enlivened by these mixes, they altered the hit to be bisamidines and acquired the main rundown of leads (counting compound 4), as appeared in figure 2b. Focusing on a higher power, sub-atomic displaying contemplates were directed to additionally enhance the lead compound, which brought about the evacuation of methylene unit between the isoxazoline ring and the amidine carbonyl along with the à ¯Ã¢â‚¬Å¾Ã¦' replacement to the carbonyl. After the correlation of various replacement gatherings, they acquired compound 5 with Ki of 94 nM (Figure 3) [7]. Fig 2 a. The structure of hit compound and a few known FXa inhibitor b. The bisamidine lead mixes (figure separated from [7]). Fig 3. Impacts of the amidine bunch position and à ¯Ã¢â‚¬Å¾Ã¦' replacement (figure separated from [7]) In any case, as an oral medication applicant, this dibasic lead compound probably won't have great oral ingestion because of its hydrophilicity. Along these lines, the following objective is to lessen its basicity by supplanting one of the amidine bunches with an impartial animal varieties. The atomic displaying of compound 5 bound to FXa demonstrated that the p-amidine bunch fits in a hydrophobic aryl-restricting pocket of FXa, which is comprise of three fragrant buildups (Trp215, Tyr99 and Phe174, figure 4a) [8]. Along these lines, it is conceivable to supplant the p-amidine with sweet-smelling practical gatherings without to a great extent intrude on the proclivity. They utilized a biaryl gathering and acquired compound 6 with just 2-overlay decline in strength. Further examination on various replacement at the terminal phenyl ring brought about enormous improvement on intensity, for example, compound 7 (Ki = 6.3 nM). (Figure 4b) Fig 4 a. Impacts of replacements on terminal phenyl ring (figures separated from [8]). b. Synthetic structure of compound 6 and 7 By the by, another worry developed to be the metabolic shakiness, as compound 7 bears an ester side chain, which is labile to esterase once it gets inside human body. Since the relating corrosive metabolite is three-overlay less intense than the first ester [9], supplanting the ester side chain seems turns into the basic subsequent stage. Once more, a rundown of compound 7 analogs bearing diverse side chains were blended and tried. Among all the utilitarian gatherings, tetrazole replacement was seen as generally intense, and compound 8 (Ki= 0.52 nM) was created with extra alteration on the biaryl ring theme (figure 5a). Minor departure from the situation of amide moiety connection and isoxazoline aromatization brought about compound 9 (Ki= 0.15 nM, figure 5b) [10], while further examination on a progression of five-membered heterocyclic ring gives compound 10 with equivalent strength (Ki= 0.15 nM, figure 5c) and lower basicity [11] . Fig 5. Concoction structure of compound 8, 9 and 10 In spite of the high power and selectivity, compound 10 is still a long way from impeccable because of expected mutagenicity of the biarylanilines theme [12]. In this way, the cleavage of amide bond must be forestalled by either ligating or taking out the nitrogen (figure 6). Compound 11 was created to have the advanced pyrazole with a considerably higher FXa partiality (Ki = 0.03 nM). After the framework was settled, progressively compound 11 analogs with different replacement gatherings and terminal sweet-smelling rings were orchestrated and contrasted with manage the cost of the last medication competitor as compound 12 (apixaban, Ki= 0.08, figure 7a) [1]. The advanced medication selectivity towards FXa was appeared in figure 7b. The remedial record of the last medication contrasted with warfarin was exhibited in bunny apoplexy models and indicated figure 7c) [6]. The medication up-and-comer was sent for preclinical investigations followed with a few facility preliminaries, and in the long run endorsed by FDA for venous thromboembolism anticipation after hip/knee substitution and artrial fibrillation treatment. Another clinical preliminary for intense venous thromboembolism is still in progress. Fig 6. Compound 11 bearing the advanced pyrazole. Fig 7 a. Apixaban (compound 12) b. In vitro Ki estimations of apixaban for FXa and other human proteins with basic or utilitarian similitudes (figure extricated from [6]). c. Restorative list of apixaban and warfarin in bunny models (figure separated from [6]). End Contrasting with the underlying lead exacerbate, the inevitable medication changed drastically in compound structure, while its FXa hindering intensity was improved by 107. Following back to every change step, the complete thought in tranquilize power, selectivity, retention, digestion and poisonousness is genuinely amazing and uncovers the enormous endeavors implanted in a solitary medication. It is important that sub-atomic demonstrating with FXa structure assumed a basic job during the sound medication change process. The disclosure of apixaban likewise exhibited the significance of characterizing new medication focus in present day tranquilize advancement. The achievement of apixaban is to a great extent credited to the better medication target FXa. Nonetheless, the clinical preliminary of apixaban on intense coronary disorder was stopped because of expanded draining occasions [6], which recommends that different anticoagulants are as yet sought after for rewarding different sort of apoplexy. Reference [1] Pinto, D. J.; Orwat, M. J.; Koch, S.; Rossi, K. An.; Alexander, R. S.; Smallwood, A.; Wong, P. C.; Rendina, A. R.; Luettgen, J. M.; Knabb, R. M.; He, K.; Xin, B.; Wexler, R. R; Lam, P. Y. Disclosure of 1-(4-methoxyphenyl)- 7-oxo-6-(4-(2-oxopiperidin-1-yl) phenyl)- 4, 5, 6, 7-tetrahydro-1 H-pyrazolo [3, 4-c] pyridine-3-carboxamide (Apixaban, BMS-562247), an exceptionally strong, specific, effective, and orally bioavailable inhibitor of blood coagulation factor Xa.Journal of restorative science. 2007,50, 5339-5356. [2] Go, A. S., Mozaffarian, D., Roger, V. L., Benjamin, E. J., Berry, J. D., Borden, W. B., Turner, M. B et al. Coronary illness and Stroke Statistics: 2013 Update: A Report From the American Heart Association. Dissemination. 2013, 127, 143-146. [3] Pallister, C. J.; Watson, M. S. Hematology, second ed. Scion Publishing: Banbury, 2010; pp 336â€347. [4] Krishnaswamy, S. Exosite㠢â‚ ¬Ã¢ driven substrate particularity and capacity in coag

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Denver art museum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Denver workmanship gallery - Essay Example One can without much of a stretch recognize that Swentzell instilled the conventional earthenware making process found by Santa Clara potters. In the Artwork, one can see a Tewa jokester with a messed up horn. He is completely inundated during the time spent fixing his horn, which is by all accounts broken. The forefront of the work comprises of hues like earthy colored and dark. The foundation comprises of shades of beat up. The blend of earthy colored and dark, particularly the dark stripes encourages the watcher to understand the significance of the way toward fixing the messed up horn. I like this figure since it gives due significance to customary stoneware making innovation. II. Tipi, Standing Bear The Artwork Tipi (see reference section - 2), by Standing Bear speaks to the traveling way of life of Native American innate individuals. The Tipi is a specific abode which is comprised of wild ox stows away. Linda A. Holley states that â€Å"As fabric material opened up in the earl y mid-nineteenth century, covers began to change† (31). Presently, canvas is utilized to make tipi. In this work of art, Standing Bear utilized drawings to enrich the equivalent. From the fine art, one can undoubtedly distinguish that the development of a tipi is basic. For example, various sticks are utilized to make the structure. However, the drawing that can be seen on the external surface is muddled. For example, in the Artwork, one can see various ponies and individuals.

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What You Need to Know About Prose

What You Need to Know About Prose Exposition is standard composition (both fiction and true to life) as recognized from refrain. Most papers, creations, reports, articles, inquire about papers, short stories, and diary passages are kinds of exposition compositions. In his book The Establishment of Modern English Prose (1998), Ian Robinson saw that the term composition is shockingly difficult to characterize. . . . We will come back to the sense there might be in the old joke that exposition isn't stanza. In 1906, English philologist Henry Cecil Wyldâ suggested that the best exposition is never totally remote in structure from the best relating conversational style of the period (The Historical Study of the Mother Tongue). Historical background From the Latin, forward turn Perceptions I wish our shrewd youthful writers would recall my unattractive meanings of exposition and verse: that is, composition words in their best request; verse the best words in the best order.(Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Table Talk, July 12, 1827) Reasoning Teacher: All that isn't composition is section; and all that isn't stanza is prose.M. Jourdain: What? At the point when I state: Nicole, present to me my shoes, and allow me my night-top, is that prose?Philosophy Teacher: Yes, sir.M. Jourdain: Good sky! For over 40 years I have been talking exposition without knowing it.(Molià ¨re, Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, 1671) For me, a page of good composition is the place one hears the downpour and the commotion of fight. It has the ability to give sorrow or comprehensiveness that loans it a young beauty.(John Cheever, on tolerating the National Medal for Literature, 1982) Composition is the point at which all the lines with the exception of the keep going go on to the end. Verse is the point at which some of them miss the mark concerning it.(Jeremy Bentham, cited by M. St. J. Packe in The Life of John Stuart Mill, 1954) You battle in verse. You administer in prose.(Governor Mario Cuomo, New Republic, April 8, 1985) Straightforwardness in Prose [O]ne can compose nothing discernible except if one continually battles to destroy ones own character. Great exposition resembles a window pane.(George Orwell, Why I Write, 1946)Our perfect composition, similar to our optimal typography, is straightforward: if a peruser doesnt notice it, on the off chance that it gives a straightforward window to the significance, at that point the writing beautician has succeeded. In any case, if your optimal composition is simply straightforward, such straightforwardness will be, by definition, difficult to portray. You cannot hit what you cannot see. What's more, what is straightforward to you is regularly hazy to another person. Such a perfect makes for a troublesome pedagogy.(Richard Lanham, Analyzing Prose, second ed. Continuum, 2003) Great Prose Exposition is the normal type of communicated in or composed language: it satisfies incalculable capacities, and it can accomplish various sorts of greatness. A very much contended legitimate judgment, a clear logical paper, a promptly gotten a handle on set of specialized guidelines all speak to triumphs of exposition after their design. Also, amount tells. Propelled exposition might be as uncommon as incredible poetrythough I am slanted to question even that; yet great writing is obviously undeniably more typical than great verse. It is something you can go over consistently: in a letter, in a paper, nearly anywhere.(John Gross, Introduction to The New Oxford Book of English Prose. Oxford Univ. Press, 1998) A Method of Prose Study Here is a strategy for exposition study which I myself found the best basic practice I have ever had. A splendid and valiant educator whose exercises I delighted in when I was a 6th previous prepared me to examine composition and stanza fundamentally not by setting down my remarks yet for the most part by composing impersonations of the style. Simple weak impersonation of the specific game plan of words was not acknowledged; I needed to deliver entries that could be confused with crafted by the creator, that duplicated all the qualities of the style however treated of some unique subject. So as to do this at all it is important to make an exact moment investigation of the style; I despite everything think it was the best training I at any point had. It has the additional value of providing an improved order of the English language and a more prominent variety in our own style.(Marjorie Boulton, The Anatomy of Prose. Routledge Kegan Paul, 1954) Elocution: PROZ

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Research and Describe Leadership at Google Corporation - 2200 Words

Research and Describe Leadership at Google Corporation (Essay Sample) Content: ETHICAL LEADERSHIP OF GOOGLE(Authors name)(Institutional affiliation)Google Corporation was founded by Larry page and Sergey Brin and they managed to take their search engine to position one because of their ability to create services (Reding, 2008). The choice of company name was based on the founders liking of the idea of filing a great amount of data presented on the internet. At the onset, Google started in a garage with a few servers which could index only twenty five million pages. Because of the companys advertising strategies, it indexes about eight billion pages today. The company made money by selling licenses for the use of their engine to different portals. The successes of the company encouraged the founders to work extra hard and to employ employees with a high level of expertise. One of the personnel was Schmidt, an individual who greatly contributed to the introduction of Ad words. This is an advertising feature that other companies could purchase for advertisement purposes. This led to an explosion of profit and turnover of Google with over 99% of its revenue being generated from this advertising feature. The company has based most of its strategies on its free services because it has significant amount of cash which allows it to test different market segments and use the information for profitable future use. Also, this allows the company to employ several strategies that give its opponents no option other than to follow them or to adopt a better strategy which is an important aspect of avoiding Netscape syndrome. The company focuses on offering professional products to the public, which is their main target. This is a more natural way of letting the public use their products thereby allowing provision of cheap services to the public and thus value addition to the company. The companys main generators of revenue are advertising and research and development. Advertising feature of Google adapts to daily trends and tries to tak e advantage of radio and television spaces. The companys leadership has formulated and implemented policies and methods that have enabled it to be a service provider to eBay and Amazon among other companies. The two companies serve as a source of income to Google and thus stabilizing its share prices. However, this method of the company to gain market share and revenue are subject to some conflicts. Also, the expansion of the company to new markets is risky because the leadership has limited experience in regard to understanding of the new markets (Scott, 2008). Despite the conflicts and weaknesses, the companys saturation is still desirable. This is characterized by a capitalization on stock exchange worth 100 billion dollars. Based on its progressive increase in share prices, there are prospects of the company controlling over 70% of the market. The leadership of Google has poached very skilled engineers from companies like Microsoft and this has made the company ahead of others i n research and development. In this regard, the company is currently purchasing fiber optics in America with the aim of creating an alternate internet which functions on Google but built on fiber optics. In fact this gives a good explanation why the company is offering diversified services. The company has an adequate revenue endowment that can enable the management to construct a private internet comprised of powerful search engines, fiber optics, servers and a big audience. (Duthel, 2008) At the company, there is a regular functional structure that facilitates specializations in value chain activities. Since Google is a globally diversified company, its management positions are divided into different groups and regions for adequate management of its operations. It is a hybrid structure which is multidivisional and functional to ensure centralized planning which facilitates flexibility and innovation. The culture of the company is based on its informal corporate slogan of not bein g evil. This strongly discourages any extent of user exploitation. Also, it is in line with the companys vision of organizing more information and generating a lot of revenue. Another aspect of unique nature of Google is shown by use of a Dutch auction to determine first stock price in a bid to prevent insiders and institutions from hastily selling for profit. Employees of Google are treated properly in the form of standard fringe of benefits and first class social amenities like dining facilities and commuting buses (Girard, 2009). This provides their hardworking employees with the incentives that discourage any absenteeism. Also, the company has transportation means that keeps its employees away from traffic jams. The companys corporate environment is characterized by supply of free food to its employees. The company has a rule that gives its employees the opportunity to spend 70% of their time on activities related to the core business of the company. This gives room for free tim e which is used by the employees in related and unrelated activities. For example, the engineers use this time to develop new technologies and products. The leadership of Google Corporation is largely influenced by the culture of its two founders. The leadership combines business and technical backgrounds, a key aspect of successful implementation of corporate infrastructure. This is important in maintaining its rapid growth. The top level management of Google Corporation communicates in first person so as to connect with investors. Managers are employed at unique positions so as to help maintain the companys characteristics as was during start up. The leadership of the company creates an atmosphere favorable for staff to identify and enable innovation of different technologies. The company has a leadership development and compensation committee that checks the compensation of the management team and works towards enticement and retention of skilled personnel. The salary package of its management team sends a positive message that the company is more interested on success of the company and stock performance than income generation. The companys growth has not altered its distinct culture over the years. Recently, there were interests by management to reevaluate perks of its employees, time and infrastructure development in light of global economic recession (Weber, 2008). In as much as it is critical to control spending, investments of Google produce huge returns and fuel the innovation and quick launch of new products. The leadership facilitates progressive company success by figuring out ways of working out of negative economic surrounding, and maintenance of a fun and productive ambience. When the company started, Google was accused of paying employees below industry averages. This was bad because of the high standards of living at the time in the area of Silicon Valley. Today, the employees are well compensated at better rates than even those of Apple (Gil bert, 2008). Several companies, for example, Apple and Microsoft have been criticized of tight controls and monopolistic action s respectively. Therefore, Google is working hard to retain its fun image despite growth. The company is headed for recoil of keeping software correctitude because of increases in its platforms of cloud computing and smart phones. Despite the fact that such products have worked well for companies, the management of Google has to work harder to keep their culture open in order to keep its image. The leadership uses a consistent mode of honest communication in a bid to achieve its goals and keeping its stakeholders happy. In this regard, the success of Google is attributed to the way it treats its stakeholders. To this far, the company has successfully implemented its vision and the companys success in the future depends on the manner in which it leverages its experience while at the time staying true to its vision (Weber, 2008). The company used laissez-fair e policy of leadership during its earlier years. And the brilliance of its leadership has been promoted over the years by the smart engineers that it hires. The evolution of Google was marked by adaptation of some managers than others based on their ability to be good coaches, not micromanaging and being good communicators. The managers help their employees with career development because they have clear visions, technical skills and strategies for their teams. Google ranks competencies from top to bottom and this helps the leaders to improve areas with the greatest return on its investments. The importance of technology and data ranking made the company to go against its cultural bias. Google took time to evaluate the leadership skills that are consistent with its culture by analyzing their own data and drawing up conclusions. In 2010, Google ceased operations in China because of repeated cyber attacks to monitor Gmail accounts of the activists of the communist nation. The original decision by Google to enter the Chinese market raised questions of Googles commitment to ethics. The Chinese law forced Google to limit results of its search engines for Chinese users and Google entered the market of the most populous country in the world because it thought it could do more and because it faced a clear honorable difficult problem. Reversal of the earlier decision created different costs and benefits dynamics that enhances that Google maintains moral soundness (Charan, Drotter Noel, 2010). This is important for it to remain a feasible competitor it its market but Googles mission of not doing evil facilitated initiation of a bold and decisive strives away from traditional corporate response other than compromising with the Chinese government on the cyber attacks. This is an unlikely approach in the business world today which uses outsour...

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Descriptive Essay Paris, France - 1146 Words

Paris, France My feet are walking on Paris road, and my hands are firmly holding my luggage. My father was leading, my mother, sister and I to the train station, which is where we would take the train to Germany. Our legs were moving as fast as possible because the train was going to depart in an hour. We were uncertain how to get to the train station. To make sure, my father headed into an old-style bakery shop and he kindly asked, â€Å"Sorry, do you know how I could get to the train station?† Generously, the shop owner replied back in French. Without giving up my father showed the owner the map and pointed to the train station. Suddenly, the shop owner understood and pointed in the same direction we were going. In return, we bought four†¦show more content†¦I heard my stomach roaring for food, and so was my sister’s stomach. There was no restaurant in sight, there were only shops in the area. We walked with a hope that every step we took brought us closer to a restaurant. In front of us there was a bridge, the crowds on the bridge blocked my sight. Before crossing the bridge, my father stopped to see one last time if there were any restaurants on this side of the bridge. Suddenly my sister noticed that my mother was not with us. My sister quickly notified my father and he said, â€Å"Don’t move and keep your eyes wide open to look for her. The reason that we can’t move is that maybe if you move it will be harder for her to find you.† My heart beats faster and faster and I thought, â€Å"What if I don’t get to see her again, how will she live? Where is she!?! Where!!!† After about five minutes of worrying, finally my sister yelled, â€Å"There!!! She is over there!† Without saying anything we quickly ran to her. My arms stretched out to make sure her body was in my arms range, then I hugged her with love. â€Å"I just waited over here because I was afraid if I moved it would be harder for you t o find me,† said my mother. â€Å"We thought that as well,Show MoreRelatedThe Maginot Line During The Period Between World War II Essay1351 Words   |  6 Pagesaffairs. In this essay I will attempt to give a descriptive and informative chronological outline of the creation on the Maginot Line, as well as the residual effects of it and its outcome on international affairs. The Maginot Line was named after the French Minister of War Andrà © Maginot. It was a line of obstacles, concrete fortifications, and weapon installations that France constructed on the French side of its borders with Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg during the 1930s. France had sufferedRead More Biography George Orwell Essay1135 Words   |  5 PagesHoration Blair. In his lifetime Orwell had a variety of jobs. His variety of jobs might have come from his variety of interests (George Orwell 2). Orwell was interested in fishing, carpentry, gardening, and raising animals. He was a dishwasher in Paris, France in 1929. He was also a shopkeeper and a Clerk. One of Orwell?s most influential jobs was being a police officer for the Imperial Police in Burma from 1922 to 1927(Serafin 3). The Imperial police changed his philosophical perspective. If it wasnRead MoreA Geographical Place Through Visual And Narrative Portrayal Of Food2095 Words   |  9 Pagesportrayal of food will be explored through the elaboration on three movies: Haute Cuisine, Ratatouille, and Chocolat. The movies explored in this essay are all set in France and have various levels of effectiveness when it comes to creating a sense of geographical place through visual and narrative portrayal on film. While all these movies are set in France, some proved to be more superior than others in terms of successfully portraying French food through film. The purpose of this paper is to highlightRead MoreContemporary Architecture: Dominique Perrault 2035 Words   |  9 Pagesfor the Bibliothà ¨que nationale de France at age of 36. Perrault was born in 1953 and was educated at the Ecole Nationale Supà ©rieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He holds many prestigious prizes and awards including Grande Mà ©daille dor dArchitecture (2010), Seoul Metropolitan Architecture Award for EWHA Womans University in Korea, World Architecture Award (2002), Mies van der Rohe prize (1997), French national Grand Prize for Architecture (1993). This essay will analyse Dominique Perrault’sRead MoreEssay on A Comparison of Gustave Flaubert and Madame Bovary1432 Words   |  6 Pagesup and realizes that he is a sad creature (Flaubert 78), she begins her little quest to find the right man through a binge of affairs and broken hearts.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The author of Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert, was born in Rouen France (Kunitz 280).   He grew up in a rather wealthy and prosperous family as a result of his father being a successful doctor (Kunitz 280).   This could easily relate to the fact that Charles Bovary was a doctor too.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   DuringRead MoreGuns of August2668 Words   |  11 Pagesthrough the World War One poets, T. S. Elliot’s The Wasteland and All Quiet on the Western Front. The very individual tragedy of this war and the one it engendered a generation later was brought home to me when I lived in France and saw the village memorials and the plaques in Paris commemorating the spots where a civilian had been dragged out and â€Å"fusillà © par les Allemands,† (shot by the Germans.) Finally, the fact that nearly a century later we are still grappling with war and the world that aroseRead MoreRalph Waldo Emerson : An Effective Rebuttal Of The Puritan Critique2113 Words   |  9 Pagesthree years, however, his wife had died and he had resigned from his position, having begun seriously questioning his beliefs. Shortly thereafter, he toured Italy, Switzerland, France, and England, meeting with established writers John Stuart Mill, William Wordsworth, and Thomas Car lyle over the course of the trip. In Paris, though, he visited a botanical garden, which remarkably might have been more influential than any of these men. Struck by the organization and relations of the plants within theRead Moredsfsdsfs4469 Words   |  18 Pagesfor each payment, which will include a link to easy cancellation instructions. Essay From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For other uses, see Essay (disambiguation). Essays of Michel de Montaigne An essay is generally a short piece of writing written from an author s personal point of view, but the definition is vague, overlapping with those of an article and a short story. Essays can consist of a number of elements, including: literary criticism, politicalRead MoreHistory HL Paper 3 Europe6131 Words   |  25 PagesConcordat with the Church, administrative and economic reforms, public works and educational measures. He also restored law and order after the turmoil of the French Revolution, as well as keeping some of its gains. However as virtual dictator of France from 1799 to 1814, he was also responsible for censorship, even a police state, and the deterioration of the economy because of his later wars (especially the campaigns in Spain and Russia) which caused many causalities and a serious financial drainRead MoreAn Overview of Urban Regeneration3596 Words   |  15 Pagesinvestors and talents of the new knowledge- and innovation-based economy, culture is destined to become increasingly ingrained in the urban fabric. While urban cultural tourism continues to be dominated by the great capitals of culture such as Paris and London, the current trend of improving the cultural offering means even cities previously lacking cultural interest can emerge as new tourist destinations (Doratli et al, 2004). Other cities have opted instead for urban renewal projects

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I Chose The Song You Are My Sunshine - 1991 Words

I chose the song â€Å"You are my Sunshine† by Johnny Cash to represent reading 1.1: Nature vs. Nurture developmental psychology seeks to understand the influence of genetics (nature) and environment (nurture) on human development, because to me I feel like it helps parents bond with their babies. They get to sing a soft sweet song that is also so true for some parents. This is a nurture, â€Å"Nurtured human behavior is the result of environmental interaction, which can provoke changes in brain structure and chemistry. For example, situations of extreme stress can cause problems like depression.† Bonding between the parents and the baby is extremely important for development because it will give the child trust in their parent and show them the†¦show more content†¦As I grew up I got out of the attachment stage but I think it might have taken longer seeing how my parents got a divorce and a new woman stepped into my life. I chose the song â€Å"Numb† by Linking Park to represent reading 2.4: Erikson s Stages of Psychosocial Development Identity vs. Role Confusion. This stage was proposed by Erikson as the stage where a person becomes an adult. During this stage a person learns who they are supposed to be. If they don’t gain an identity during this stage, they will have confusion in their role in life. In this song, the singer stresses that he is tired of being what others want him to be. The singer gains his identity by standing up to another person who is controlling his ideas. Growing up in the world we have today it can be hard for you to find an identity without trying to act like someone else, so it is important to explore yourself to see where you fit in in this world, and of course being completely yourself is totally fine. It gives you the aspect that makes you unique and not like anyone else. For example, my mom is an insurance agent, but I have no interest in that. I want to be come a NICU nurse when I finish school. I found something I want to do with the rest of my life, and that is what makes me unique, not everyone can be or do the same thing with their lives. I chose the song â€Å"Same Love† by Macklemore Ryan Lewis to represent reading 2.5: Kohlberg s Stages of MoralShow MoreRelatedThe Reasons I Chose Music2094 Words   |  9 PagesI chose to use the medium music to explore how the music I listen to, sing, and play help me deal with stress. The reasons I chose music as my chosen medium are because I feel like it represents me the best. I find it very easy to relate to music, there is something about the lyrics, music, the instrument used to play the songs, and the emotions you can put into and hear in music that draws me in. Music makes me feel free, it allows me to escape from my troubles, my mind, and the world. EverythingRead MoreAnalysis Of The Song Remember Pearl Harbor 1076 Words   |  5 PagesRemember Pearl Harbor † I chose the song, Remember Pearl Harbor, for a few reasons. First, I listened to each song and researched each song s history. In doing so, I was left dumb-struck at my true ignorance as to what had transpired that fateful day, the days that led up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the days that followed. Secondly, the relevance of the song, â€Å"Remember Pearl Harbor,† grabbed my attention; not only did to the historical value within the song touch me, but the era alwaysRead MoreEssay On Lies In The Great Gatsby1325 Words   |  6 Pages A Bridge Between Lies And Truth We are all taught at a young age that lying is bad and we should always tell the truth, the truth shall set you free. Certainly characters from the movie Chicago directed by Rob Marshall and the book The Great Gatsby by: F. Scott Fitzgerald had a lot of trouble with the truth. They did not seem to stop lying in particular the female characters. They lie for their own benefit, but also lie because of their fear what society will think of them as a result ofRead MoreThe Perfect Setting For A Ghost Story1423 Words   |  6 Pagesperfect setting for a ghost story. I never intended to have these particular feelings, and emotions don’t come easily for me, but add this gloomy weather to the after-holiday hangover, the dread of a looming workday, the perfect song on the radio, and the haunts start to flow like tears. Or maybe they were tears. This is unfamiliar territory for a girl like me, but one thing I know for sure is the ghosts were real. They were right there beside me , in my head, through my windshield, and tagging along behindRead MoreI Want For My Charity Event2181 Words   |  9 PagesTo improve, I can construct more track lists with different, yet still suitable genres (other than â€Å"Rock Pop† or â€Å"Jazz Blues†) or even make my own database containing all the songs I have personally chosen that will be appropriate for my charity event. I have designed four separate track lists, 2 of which having 1 type of genre (as shown in my screenshots). Furthermore, I organised the artists’ name in ascending order so that that the DJ can find the song he wants through the name of the personRead MoreA Blizzard Under Blue Sky - 12539 Words   |  11 Pagesworked part-time as a river guide and hunting guide in the western United States and has written about those activities for the publications Outside and Travel and Leisure. Houstons interest in the outdoors forms the core of the stories in Cowboys Are My Weakness (1992), stories that have been described as exhilarating, like a swift ride through river rapids, as well as beautifully written and funny. In A Blizzard Under Blue Sky, the exhilaration comes from sharing a winter adventure in the foothillsRead MoreEssay about Ray Charles2718 Words   |  11 PagesRay Robinson. I chose Ray Charles as the topic for my paper after seeing the movie Ray. After viewing this film I realized that there was a lot of interesting information about Ray Charles that I had never heard about. Therefore, the focus of my paper is to learn who Ray Charles really was and to discuss his life and achievements. The Early Years   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ray Charles was born in Albany, Georgia. Around the age of five, Charles began to go blind and by age seven he was totally blind. I was shockedRead MoreRay Charles2786 Words   |  12 PagesRobinson. I chose Ray Charles as the topic for my paper after seeing the movie Ray. After viewing this film I realized that there was a lot of interesting information about Ray Charles that I had never heard about. Therefore, the focus of my paper is to learn who Ray Charles really was and to discuss his life and achievements. The Early Years Ray Charles was born in Albany, Georgia. Around the age of five, Charles began to go blind and by age seven he was totally blind. I was shockedRead MoreDescriptive Essay About Cafe1998 Words   |  8 Pages I shake the tiny paper tube of sugar over and over. I won t use it. I always drink my coffee black and bitter. My eyes dart over the needles of the clock on the wall. It s about forty seconds later than the last time I checked. I am purposely early but you are not late. Yet. You still have five minutes. I fidget at a table halfway down the small room crowded with people and lively conversations. I chose the chair facing the front door so I can spot you before you enter. I distract my anxious mindRead MorePersonal Narrative : The Story Of My Dream2124 Words   |  9 PagesBeep. I heard the blaring sound of my alarm clock go off. I slowly opened my eyes as the scintillating rays of sunshine were coming through my windows blinding me. I eventually accepted the fact that I had to get up and started to stretch out my limbs as I laid in bed. I slowly picked up my phone that had fallen on the floor in the middle of the night. The time read 11:30AM. I couldn t believe I had actually slept in that late, I had only set my alarm as a warning that I had to leave soon. My mom

Analysis of the Role of Recruitment and Selection †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Analysis of the Role of Recruitment and Selection. Answer: Introduction In this paper, there will be performed a significant analysis of the role of recruitment and selection in the effective human resource management, developing and leading people. The recruitment and selection is pivotal in several aspects as it is the central part of the human resource management activities such as rewards, development and acquisition of the workforce. There are several approaches to recruitment and selection that are contrasting in nature. The theorists and researchers have developed these theories as per their individual researchers and viewpoints (Stahl, et al., 2012). There will be highlighted the importance of having a systematic approach to recruitment and selection in the organisations for attracting competent employees. There are still some sorts of issues in the effective application of recruitment and selection practices. The report will throw lights upon these issues such as discrimination, etc. The later part of the report will explain the rise of the comp etency framework of recruitment and selection and will offer insights regarding the fair practices, involvement of social media and e-recruitment practices. Contrasting approaches to recruitment and selection in theory and practice As per Costello, recruitment can be understood as the set of processes and activities that are used for legally appointing a good number of competent and skilled individuals at the right time and at a right place so that the organisation can be benefitted for short term and long term interest. Selection can further explained as the processes or approach which is involved in selecting the most suitable and competent candidate out of all the applicants for the required job profile. Together, the authors explained recruitment and selection as the process of penetrating for the potential employees and encouraging and motivating them to apply for the vacancies in the business organisations (Cappelli and Keller, 2014). For this specific purpose of recruitment and selection there is a worldwide recognized systematic approach which is considered as the most suitable way of having efficient recruitment and selection in the organisations (O'Meara and Petzall, 2013). In such a challenging world , it is essential that the approach used for the hiring process must be systematic in nature. The first and the most vital part in the systematic approach is the job identification, in which the organisations must ensure that the potential candidates can identify the job opportunity easily and in an accessible manner. The second part is appropriate job description so that there are all the relevant details mentioned related to the job profile. Other key aspects in the systematic approaches for recruitment and selection includes skills inventory, job posting strategy, interview, selection and orientation (Rothwell and Kazanas, 2011). The authors have emphasized upon the advantages of taking use of the systematic approach such as improved reach to the potential candidates, selections of competent individuals and faster recruitment and section process (Brewster and Mayrhofer, 2012). There are numerous issues in the recruitment and selection which ultimately results in increased rigidity of the process. The primary issues highlighted by the various authors comprises of the primary issue of out-dated recruitment strategies as there are organisation that still take use of the strategies which are very much ineffective in the present time. It can be stated that a directionless recruitment and selection strategy can only yield poor outcomes for the organisations. other issues and increased rigidity is because of the internal recruitment by the means of promotions from within as if the organisations fill the vacancies through internal promotion then it results in restricted ideas, conflicts and issues at the workplace. There are also issues that arise because of nepotism. It is one of the biggest issues that have been identified by the researchers in their studies in the process of recruitment and selection (Ponzo and Scoppa, 2011). Nepotism can be explained as the pr actices adopted by the executive or the HR managers that have certain power to offer jobs to their relatives, friends or the known irrespective of the fact that they are relatively less competent in comparison with other potential candidates applied for the job. All such issues bring increased rigidity in the organisations and the process that have a negative implication upon the recruitment and selection function and the organisational efficiency. To resolve the issues and challenges of recruitment and selection, the authors have highlighted the practice of competency approach by the organisation and the mangers in the recruitment and selection process. A competency is related with a job, role, function or task. It is the behaviourally defined characteristic that demonstrates a superior and efficient performance across the range of specific roles or tasks in order to accomplish the objectives (Ahsan, Ho and Khan, 2013). The competency based selection and recruitment has its emphasis on the identification of those individuals that can evidence and benchmark those behaviourally established characteristics that are essential for the achieving efficient performance in the specific job role (Sanghi, 2016). In the process of the recruitment and selection there are various points of fetching information instead of just one and this allow the organisations to gather a more clear picture of the competence and sustainability of the cand idate in the organisations (Arthur, 2012). The outcomes of the competency based approach to selection and recruitment is that it offers successful and effective investment of the expertise, money and the time (Hudson, 2017). With this framework, the organisation will be clear about the required competencies and skills for the job profile will provide a good fit among the jobs and the individuals, staff and the managers, help in matching the requirements of eth jobs and the abilities and skills of an individuals and having effective evaluation of the staffing need and work demand (Vazirani, 2010). There has also been analysed by the authors that there are several new and innovative ways of recruitment that comprises of online recruitment, social media usage and e-recruitment. The rise in the usage of internet has probably increased in the last decade and it has become one of the most recognized developments in the field of selection and recruitment and the best way to attract the applicants for the jobs (Rees and French, 2016). As per the researches and the data it has analysed that seventy five percent of the organisations have started taking sue of the social media, corporate websites and online methods for the recruitment and selection. There are not many evidences that shows there are produced improved and qualitative outcomes through online recruitment but still it is the best way to have expanded reach. The two major aspects are involvement of social media and e-recruitment practices. There are few of the extremely well-known sites which have their strong participation i n the recruitment of candidates for the organisations. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and few other are the renowned social media platforms that have the most signified presence of candidates as well as companies for accomplishing the recruitment process (Shafique, 2012). The next vital practice is e-recruitment which is also known as online recruitment. E-recruitment is the practice of taking use of the web-based technology and the resources for the purpose of acquiring, fascinating, assessing, hiring and interviewing the potential personnel. The primary purpose behind taking use of the e-recruitment is to reduce the financial and administrative burden of the organisations and to have an extended geographical reach and access to wider pool of talent. In the e-recruitment, there are other companies or businesses that work on the behalf of the other business corporation that are in search of potential candidates. These recruitment companies advertise the vacancies on various sites and o ffer adequate instruction through which the interested candidates can apply for the job. The individuals themselves have huge interest in applying for jobs through e-recruitment as it is the most accessible means of recruitment. The authors have identified several benefits of these recruitment and selection ways such as low cost, wider reach, no geographical limits, convenient way, required less time and increased efficiency (Latkin, et al., 2013). In the recruitment and selection techniques and approaches there is an essential need of taking care of three vital aspects that includes cost, effectiveness and fairness. These are the key factors that are vital for both the organisations and the candidates. The retention and sustainability of the employees completely depends upon the fairness aspect of the recruitment and human resource practices. If the organisational recruitment processes are influenced by nepotism or unfair practices then it wont be able to have competent workforce as well as there will be a workplace with number of conflicts (Ponzo and Scoppa, 2011). The second aspect is effectiveness which illustrates that it is essential that the recruitment process or approaches smut be effective in nature which can offer improved outcomes. It has been analysed that the online recruitment is effective in faster access but as per the analysis of the results shows that it does not give quality results. Thus, there must be effe ctiveness as well as efficiency in the end outcomes. The third aspect is cost, the organisation are required to invest a lot of capital for the purpose of recruitment and selection. But many a times the organisations do not get valuable results as compared to the cost they have exhausted. Thus, there are various means which are highly cost effective that comprise of online recruitments, virtual recruitment and selection, social media, website sourcing, etc. Thus the modern and contemporary organisations must take use of these platforms to save the cost invested on the recruitment and section approaches (Abraham, et al., 2015). Few of the literature also highlight the dominant role of recruitment in reducing or increasing the issues related to discrimination at the workplaces. There are various cases and real life examples from the corporate world that shows the presence of discrimination issues. At the time of recruitment and selection, there are people that take use of unethical approaches while recruiting the candidates that are the basis of generating discrimination issues in the organisations. The first and the primary discrimination is on the basis of gender as the executive hire the candidates by keeping a awful approach of recruiting the male candidates only on priority as they have a irrational mind set that the females are less competent or skilled in comparison with male employees (Van den Brink, 2010). Thus, it increases the issue of gender discriminations. Even after recruitment, at the time rewards and recognition such issues carry forward. Other recruitment discrimination is on the basis of d isability and age as the companies tend to recruit employees who are young in comparison with recruitment of adult and elderly employees as they have a mind-set that they are less energetic and techno-savvy. The companies also make discrimination on the basis of an individuals disability that ruins the brand image of the organisations as well as it also backs by eliminating a more competent employee. Thus, all such discrimination at the workplace are the result of unfair recruitment approaches and it is essential to eliminate such practices and have a more ethical and fair recruitment and selection practices so that there can be attracted the potential, competent and skilled employees for the job (Hurrell and Scholarios, 2011). Conclusion Recruitment and selection approaches have a significant role in the success or failure of the organisations as it the vital aspect of human resource management and the sustainability of the companies. From this report it can be concluded that several authors have highlighted the importance and benefits of having a systematic approach of recruitment and selection so that there can be a gathered attention of more talented candidates. From the insights of the paper it can also be stated that the organisations must have their focus on innovative recruitment practices such as taking sue of e-recruitment, social media, web resources, etc. so that they acne have a better geographical reach and wider access to talent (Bratton and Gold, 2012). The role of competency approach is also increasing day by day and by implementing this approach the organization can increase the efficiency of the recruitment and selection practices. From the overall analysis, it is also concluded that having fairness , equity and parity is a must to avoid the existence of discrimination in the organisation so that the companies can have a better brand image and improved and competent workforce. References Abraham, M., Kaliannan, M., Mohan, A.V. and Thomas, S., 2015. A Review of Smes Recruitment and Selection Dilemma: Finding a'Fit'.The Journal of Developing Areas,49(5), pp.335-342. Ahsan, K., Ho, M. and Khan, S., 2013. Recruiting project managers: A comparative analysis of competencies and recruitment signals from job advertisements.Project Management Journal,44(5), pp.36-54. Arthur, D., 2012.Recruiting, interviewing, selecting orienting new employees. AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn. Bratton, J. and Gold, J., 2012.Human resource management: theory and practice. Palgrave Macmillan. Brewster, C. and Mayrhofer, W. eds., 2012.Handbook of research on comparative human resource management. Edward Elgar Publishing. Cappelli, P. and Keller, J.R., 2014. Talent management: Conceptual approaches and practical challenges.Annu. Rev. Organ. Psychol. Organ. Behav.,1(1), pp.305-331. Hudson, 2017. Competency Framework. Accessed on: 3rd August, 2017. Accessed from: Hurrell, S.A. and Scholarios, D., 2011.Recruitment and selection practices, person-brand fit and soft skills gaps in service organizations: The benefits of institutionalized informality(pp. 108-127). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. Latkin, C.A., Davey-Rothwell, M.A., Knowlton, A.R., Alexander, K.A., Williams, C.T. and Boodram, B., 2013. Social network approaches to recruitment, HIV prevention, medical care, and medication adherence.Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999),63(0 1), p.S54. O'Meara, B. and Petzall, S., 2013.Handbook of Strategic Recruitment and Selection: A Systems Approach. Emerald Group Publishing. Ponzo, M. and Scoppa, V., 2011. A simple model of favouritism in recruitment.Research in Economics,65(2), pp.78-88. Rees, G. and French, R. eds., 2016.Leading, managing and developing people. Kogan Page Publishers. Rothwell, W.J. and Kazanas, H.C., 2011.Mastering the instructional design process: A systematic approach. John Wiley Sons. Sanghi, S., 2016.The handbook of competency mapping: understanding, designing and implementing competency models in organizations. SAGE Publications India. Shafique, O., 2012. Recruitment in the 21st Century. 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